OpenClose – Catch up and Critique

We are nearing the end of the project and I’m trying to pick up the pace. To help with this I wanted to collect my thoughts while also reflecting on my last critique. At the moment I am thumbnailing the basis of what I want the outcome to look like. I have gone for very simplistic approach with an oriental feel. This will give the book a more modern feel but still playing to the story with the iconic colour scheme. As I have mentioned before chapter one will be white pages and chapter 27 black to represent the growing evil throughout the book. The text will be opposing colours in a modern yet vampy typeface. The chosen typeface, Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro, looks modern from afar but up close has this subtle spiked serifs which link back into the horror theme. The font also works with Japanese characters which I needed because I could only have 1 typeface in my outcome.

In my critic my tutor told me that I need to keep up the pace and get it finished in time. He also told me to think about the overall essence and what I want the audience to take away from my outcome. I want the audience to see that you can take an iconic novel and update it without loosing all the things that make Dracula iconic. Also I want my outcome to leave the audience wanting more and to feel more involved in the story. Hopefully with my use of folding this will allow the audience to feel more involved and can play with the book bringing them closer to the story.

I am now going to start my final piece, I know it will be a feat and will probably take a while to format everything the way I want it. Going forward I really need to consider hierarchy and pace, this is very important as there are so many details to this novel and I don’t want to make it confusing to read. I also need to add in colour, but I don’t want to cover the book unnecessary in colour. Everything is going to be meticulously though out which I feel is so important for a large text formatting brief.

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