OpenClose – Design Updates

So far I have been focusing on the exterior so I would have plenty of time to really experiment with the inside formatting. I feel at this stage in the project I have an almost finished exterior design and am ready to start with the interior. I obviously can’t start constructing until I have the pages complete but I have made a couple mock ups to see how everything works/looks.

Idea GeneratingI started out by thumb nailing some ideas. I knew I wanted to go down this Asian route so decided to have the title of the book in Japanese characters. By doing this it will hopefully give this mysterious look and won’t immediately be obvious to what it is. The red, black and white colour scheme will then help connect these two themes together. To separate the two chapters I will be having two openings to the book each with different coloured paper to signify the darkness spreading in the novel. The entire book shall be black and white with only small dashes of red to act as blood splatter. I want my outcome to be modern and sophisticated but still feel as if the book contains secrets. Hopefully by keeping the exterior clean-cut and simplistic it will come across this way.

Experimental TypeAfter this I started to experiment with techniques to see which would fit the narrative I am going for. I tried printing with lino, paper cuts, embossing and brush work. One that I loved was the embossing even though I don’t really think I did it correctly. What I did was sandwiched the 3d characters between card and fabric, making sure they stood out. In the picture you can’t see what is says and in person it’s not that much easier. I would have loved to used this technique if I had more experience with it but at this stage I think it would look messy. I was also looking forward to doing the lino cuts but I found they were too patchy looking to be readable. They also didn’t scream elegance which I want from my outcome. The technique I chose in the end and one I feel captured the modern feel the best is the paper cut. Having the text cut out from the cover in a clean fashion will give this window effect through to the first page. The shadows that it gives of reminds my of how Dracula moves around in the shadows. From this I needed to make mock ups to see how it would look in my hands.

I chose the A5 size first of all because it an average journal size and I wanted to show this aspect of the book on the outside. Another reason was it feels much more a personal size  which would fit the two long chapters in nicely, any smaller and I wouldn’t be able fit the chapters in comfortably. I started of by cutting out the characters in card and painting it black, black was just the tester because I didn’t have white paint at the time. I plan to have one side black and the other white in the outcome. At first I had the background colour behind the text as red but I found it was to brash and obvious. I want my outcome to be subtle and seductive much like how Dracula is perceived in the novel. I don’t feel he’s brash and outlandish. I then started adding thread to add some colour and to make it appear as if blood was dripping behind it. I found this made it harder to read the title and was a bit distracting, so I decided to discard the thread. Keeping it clean on the front will give me more space to make the inside and spine more eye-catching. So far I’m happy with how the projects going but I do feel I need to pick up the pace a bit. Once I’ve done a little more research I’ll get onto experimenting with the inside formatting.

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