OpenClose – Thoughts

I’ve been feeling a bit all over the place in this project so far so I wanted to make a catch up blog to sort out my thoughts and get everything down. Above is a small image bank of what I want my outcome to feel like. I’ve chosen classic colours and modern imagery with a hint of the past. I first felt like choosing a black white and red colour scheme was too obvious. I looked around for other colours but ultimately they didn’t feel right for the novel, they didn’t capture the opulence of Dracula himself. It is an iconic collection of colours for a reason, it allows the audience to immediately know what they are looking at and helps with the story telling. Hopefully this modern take I have will set it apart from what is already out there.

After looking into the research I did prior, I really want to take this oriental manga approach. I think this will help with the modern edge and might bring something different to this iconic book. From this I’m going to start researching asian book binding techniques and look into japanese type. I think with the recognisable colours I could get away with having the title of the book in Japanese characters. Hopefully the already wide knowledge of the book from the audience will recognise it as Dracula without labelling it so obviously.  I also think that doing the outside appearance first will be the best idea, I want to quickly get it out of the way because formatting and creating the inside will take a long time. I want to leave plenty of time for this as I feel it’s still something that I need to improve on and might take me longer than I think.

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