OpenClose – Sandy Brown Exhibition

In the holidays I found this art exhibit on a lady called Sandy Brown who focuses on pottery. She learnt her skills in Japan, this happens to link in quite nicely to my project at the moment where I’m looking at Japanese bookbinding. Although quite different disciplines her use of colours and techniques can be transferred to my own project.

Swisheramma Exhibit This piece in particular I found interesting. The aggressive splattering I found relevant to the story of Dracula. The piece felt almost frantic and angry. With the looming red background it sets this dangerous tone. The white swirls are what really stands out to me, it feels as if it’s the innocence or light trying to break through the danger. When standing back I feel anxious, its like this swirl is coming out the painting. The surrounding paints were all very different to this one. Each painting focused on gentler colours and had a more natural feel without the underlining feeling of danger. I thought maybe each was meant to symbolise different emotions she feels and this is one of anger. Overall I really liked the exhibit it was interesting and thought-provoking, two things I wish to bring to my own work. I want to also have this sense of danger in my outcome but with a more modern opulent feel. The story of Dracula is seen as quite romantic as well as dangerous, it’s all about passion. I need to show this passion much like Brown has in this exhibition.

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