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While looking on Pinterest I found this beautiful book by a graphic design company called Jo Fang Society. They are a very recent company only originating from the start of this year so there isn’t much information on them at the moment. I do know that they work in China and designs all sorts from product, packaging and film. These page designs stood out to me because of the bold, contacting and simplistic look they have. They have used the text as image and as a focus point for the layouts, as we aren’t allowed to use image in our design I thought it was relevant and as I’m looking to bring a modern take to Dracula these are perfect for gaining inspiration.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 17.01.17

I love the simplicity in this page, the way they have used the negative space is beautiful. The blurred type on one page tells the story of the text on the other. Perhaps the text is the emerging of evil from the soft white background. I also admire the hierarchy, the title immediately draws in the eye to what is most important. On the other side is the main text. I love the way the text falls down the page, it’s very unique for our culture. Id love to take this into my design somehow, it would still have to be easy to read though. The small text box is perched at the top in a way. It is floating in mid-air which gives it this very light feel contrasted with the heavy text on the other side. What I take from the layout is that one side is trying to overpower the other, which links in to my subject really well. I want to take inspiration in the way they have hierarchy in their pages as it reflects what is happening in Dracula.

By Jo Fang Society

The second page layout I’m looking at is quite different from the first. It doesn’t feel dark but there is still a clear hierarchy within the elements. This metamorphosis looking title is what immediately draws me in. The text is growing and change which might tell the story. It comes to this point where the text is clear, it’s a clever way of showing growth and change. The way they have overlapped the text so its illegible is interacting with the audience which keeps them encapsulated in the story longer. Leaving the audience curious throughout. This title looks as if it engulfing the main text. The body text is almost fading into the background with this typeface. It is subtle but important in telling the story visually without image. I wish to take these techniques forward in my own work. I want to really focus on hierarchy when I start designing, looking at these designs I feel it can help assist the story telling immensely.

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