OpenClose – Chapter Analysis

To start of the project I wanted to take an in-depth look into the chapters I’ll be working with, chapter 1 and 27. The novel is written as journal entries which is split between the characters so I have to be careful not to make my outcome confusing for the reader. Although I could take advantage of this aspect by making the book feel handmade as if it is filled with secrets. By using the separate entries I can split each chapter into smaller chapters, this I could really play with and create a unique layout.

Chapter 1 AnalysisChapter 1 is about setting the scene for the book. Stoker is very descriptive in his books which is helpful for me. I can take these rich details and visualise them with text and layout. One important part in the first chapter that I want to highlight is travel and landscapes which is spoken often in the entries. Having some pages represent maps could portals this well or even using one of my spreads to show the landscapes that are loved by Mina. Another stand out visual is when Jonathan talks about seeing his coach driver have glowing red eyes. I can show this in my use of colours, unfortunately I can’t use imagery so I would have to think of an inventive way to show this through the text or pages. Lastly the scene involving the blue flames conjures up a lot of imagery. In the novel Jonathan said he could see this blue flame though the driver as if he wasn’t really there. I thought about showing this by using transparent film and weaving it in the pages so the reader could still see the text.

Chapter 27 AnalysisThe last chapter is the one I think I might find harder, it is longer, has more journal entires in and doesn’t have as many important visuals. The most relevant aspect is at the end of the book where Dracula is killed. Throughout the this chapter there is still a lot of talk about travel and surrounds which I can still incorporate. This one might be more of a struggle but I’m still excited to start experimenting.

I need to consider some things moving forward such as the length of the chapters. They are quite long and I need to be carefull that I meet all the brief specifications but still keeping it unique. A second thing is to keep an eye on my schedule and keep on track. This project is very intense and we haven’t got to long to create it in which means I need to quickly do my research so I have plenty of time for development and creating the outcome.

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