OpenClose is our new project which I’m starting this half term. It’s about redesigning the first and last chapter of a chosen book while communicating the essence visually. We can only use one typeface, are allowed no imagery and it must be created with more than 24 pages. This brief is really playing off the last workshop we had, the bookbinding techniques I learnt will be useful in the construction of my outcome. I’m very excited to use this new knowledge to hopefully create a new look for one of my favourite novels, Dracula.

MANTIS GIRL by Brando ChiesaI chose Dracula for multiple reasons, first its one of my favourite novels and I love all the adaptations that stem from the original. The original has a lot of depth and rich imagery which paints pictures in the audience’s mind. Much like how Dracula would entice his victims through his sophisticated demure. Another reason was to most people the 1897 novel seems dated, I want to give it a new lease of life. I recently found a tattoo artist who does anime horror pieces, which are stunning. This modernism is what I want to bring to this classic story.

At the moment I’m excited to get this project started and get some research done. I feel a bit nervous about the size of the project and all the details it has. To help with this I’m going to be keeping lists while regular checking back to the brief making sure I’m on track. Next on the list is to start deconstructing the first and last chapter, then research some influential unique book design.

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  1. Will be interesting reading about this subject, the 1993 movie with Gary Oldman captures the gothic horror better than any other version of it

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