Changing Faces – My Outcome

Here are some of the updates I’ve done to my piece in preparation for the hand in. I first made all the adjustments to the body text I needed to do, including looking at the rivers, orphans and gutters. This was a relatively quick job and I think it makes it look so much more professional already. The little things like these really help to make my outcome look polished. I next wanted to adjust the quotes by moving the white lettering forward, which really makes a difference to the readability. I’m much happier with them now.

In my critique it was said that I should reconsider the hierarchy of the last page because it was too similar to the page before. I did some thinking and didn’t want to split up the image and quote as they fit seamlessly together so I moved them to the other side. I then had the issue of moving the girls torso I had there before. The way she was in the original magazine was cutting her elbow off so it would look odd if I didn’t have her hanging off the side. I decided to scrap her and chose a different image, I went with another pair of legs to further coincide with the previous pages. Then used the block colour to bring back some of the purple which were missing on this page. Another issue I found hard was adapting the text and images, before I had white text over the images which was behind the body text, it had to be changed. I played around with some idea but ultimately I cropped the image to fit and now it fits better with the flow of the page.


The last thing I wanted to do was to make some running headers with page numbers for more continuity. I thought about having them at the top but each page didn’t have enough room for them without the pages looking cluttered. So I decided to put them at the bottom which I’m happy I did. They aren’t as much as a focus point now and they ground the page which I prefer. The expressive typography is there to coincide with the article piece, helping to bring everything together as one professional looking outcome. I would have loved to of done more on these to really make them unique but I ran out of time. My time management is something I really want to improve on.

I’m quite happy with how my piece has turned out. I feel like its different and expresses what the article is about. Things I might have changed with more time might have been playing around with the layouts more, just so I could have more of a variation. Also because I don’t know how well the first spread matches the others in terms of layout. Another thing I would have love to of done is photographed the pictures myself, I had a lot of fun going through the magazines but I would have love to had gone that extra step. If I had more time and a better knowledge of photography I would have loved to of done this and it would have given that extra personal touch to my work. Looking back on it now I’m not sure I needed the pull out quotes in the body text, I think it makes the piece to cluttered and would have been more refined without them. Overall I feel like I did a good job and maybe one day I might go over this outcome again with fresh eyes.

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