Changing Faces – One2One Critique

I had my one-to-one critique today, it went much better than expected. My tutor was happy with my progress so far and he thinks I’m on a good track. I’m excited with how its going and now I feel confident about moving forward. I have a couple of things I need to change, a lot of it is little tweaks so I’m nearly done.

Davids Critiques Most of the critiques were on my body text, this is the first project where I’ve had to deal with a lot of text so it’s defiantly a new learning experience. The first thing was increasing my cutters because they are far too small and the columns were starting to merge together which is confusing for the reader. My tutor also pointed out that my rivers needed some work and that I had a couple of orphans which made my work look unprofessional. These should be simple to sort and will make my spreads much more appealing. He also suggested putting the stand first in a separate text box so I could better a line the body text. It would just make the piece look more seamless. Something I wasn’t sure about before going into the critique was were I changed the colour text to fit with the image below. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea to start with. My tutor told me it was bad practise and I should find a better way to involve the images but still making sure they compliment the text. This should be fun because I’ll be able to experiment more with the layout. He also mentioned the layout looked one-sided on each spread and that I should experiment to better balance out the pages. One of the last things he pointed out was that some of the quotes were hard to read because of the layering I did and suggested I move the small white font to the front. I defiantly agree with this I wasn’t sure if to other people it was readable but now I know I can adapt it. Lastly he said I need to ‘show off a little’ meaning including lots of techniques to really show of my knowledge. I thought about including running headers and page numbers to really connect each spread and have a better sense that it is a publication.

My CritiquesI made some critiques on my printed pages, as they look so different from the screen to paper. The first thing I noticed was that I had a border around the body text which was a different colour to the background. This looked very odd and made it hard to read. Secondly I noticed that my heading was a little pixellated, this should be easy to fix. I will remake the expressive type but a bigger size to avoid the blur. I also wanted to get rid of the semicolon in the title because it looked out-of-place and isn’t needed. Lastly I’m not keen on the 1st spread, the text boxes look too spaced out there is a lot of negative space around them. I feel like I can better design this page to fit the rest of the pages.

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