Changing Faces – Updates

I’ve done a lot since making my images so I want to show the updates, I’ve almost completed my draft layouts. I just want to fill in the gaps to pages two and three with larger quotes which would follow the same design as the heading.

I chose the square pages for two reasons firstly I’m a lover of square layouts I feel they’re much more proportionate and sleek. Secondly its different for an editorial page to have square pages, every other I looked at previously were rectangular. I want to be unique and push boundaries. Although I understand it will be harder to print, having it not be a standard size, but that’s something I’m happy to work around to have an outcome I’m proud of. I used a subtle rose-pink as the background for all pages to unify them. It’s not to brash and loud, the pictures are what are eye-catching about the pages. I think it sets the tone for the article and coordinates with the rest of the colours nicely. The images give a nice pop of colour to the dusty background which helps to make them more interesting.

HeadingWith the heading I mixed the two fonts I wanted to use, ‘Watermelon Script’ and ‘Sukhumit Set Thin’. For the two stand out words I used the more expressive font, this was to reference the romantic/sexual aspects in the article. I used two different colours because I knew I wanted overlap the words but still keep them separate. As they are two separate things which some don’t understand, this is addressed in the article. The opacity is down 50% on the word ‘consent’ so you can see the other behind, this is to reference a point in the article that sometimes people may disregard consent because they are only focused on what they want. The way ‘consent’ is cut in half is also to show this. Lastly I added the second part of the heading underneath ‘consent’ to make it more understandable for the audience. This and the word ‘and’ are in ‘Sukhumit Set Thin’ to bring back reality and seriousness to the article.

I’m quite happy with how its going so far, I want to create quotes with styles from postmodernism like the heading. This should add something else to look at and catch the audiences eye, hopefully drawing them in to read the text. Looking at the pages together like this there is too much negative space around the text which makes it look empty and odd. They certainly need something else to look more interesting. I am thinking of experimenting more with layouts and how I can make the pages look professional.

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