Changing Faces – Visual Metaphors

In the last critique my tutors gave me some 50’s Women magazines to play with. I stated before that I wanted to use cut of photography to show what is being talked about in the article. I thought using images from this time period could relate to a time when dating was much ‘simpler’. The use of old photography and computer fixes could hopefully blend the styles nicely together.

These are the outcomes I finished with. Each photograph are pictures from issues of 1950’s Women magazines accompanied by other images to add colour and curiosity. The colour scheme I picked is valentine days inspired, its relevant and has immediate connotations of sex/love/lust. This is helpful for the audience to have a hint at what the article is about without going to in-depth. The colours each are tinted grey slightly to better match the vintage photography. Each image I made are references to what is talked about in the article, some are subtle and some not to much. But all make you stop and look with the bold negative space which gives each image a space to breath and acts as a backdrop. I really like what I’ve done so far, I feel the images merge well with the digital editing and they relate to the text well. Something I want to do is neaten them up a little, some of the edges are too sharp which looks aggressive. I want them to look clean otherwise they might look too messy to fit the very polished looking models. One thing I wasn’t sure about is if I have done enough, I did a lot of thinking behind the metaphors but some are very simple. I may play around with them more and/or create others to add in also. I will have to see when I start the editorials layouts which is next.

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