Changing Faces – Group Critique

Ideas CritiqueToday we had our group critique. It was really useful to see what my peers were doing with their projects and I gained a lot of ideas. I’m excited moving forward.

In the critique of my research and ideas I explained that I wanted to take modern factors such as the type and mix them with vintage aesthetics to get the feel of the article. My tutor suggested being careful mixing the two and that I would need to find a good balance. Otherwise it might look odd mixing the two. I’m keeping this in mind while continuing on and it will be helpful when creating the accompanying images soon. He also suggested that I start to draw layouts to visualise how the final outcome will come out. I think this will really help me in making these two different styles come together. I’ve done quite a bit of research but now its time to really start getting things done.

Contradicting to what I just said, I can always continue my research along the way and my tutor gave me a couple of resources to look at. One I had already looked at, the other was a now discontinued magazine called The Face published in 1997. I thought looking at this time might have some more grungy styles that might fit well with the expressive type I plan to do. One double spread I loved was actually an advert for Impulse. The grungy, black and white style caught my eye. The cropped images infront of the blank white is striking and quite different to everything else in the magazine. I really enjoy the way they have cut up portraits with unknown textures to add curiosity to the piece. Its edgy and modern but with an underlining retro feel, especially using the sans serif ‘computer’ style typeface to reference the future. The advert is so interesting I would love to take inspiration from the use of mixing portraits and textures it give a lovely but strange juxtaposition.

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