God Save the Queen

Sex Pistols Album Cover by Jamie Read

Smells like Teen Spirit: Subcultures and Street Style, my new constellation class. This one I was so happy to get, I personally love subcultures and think I’ll be able to give an incite into whats its like being in a subculture.

In todays lesson we were looking into punk identity. Seeing as my boyfriend is a punk Jordan and Jubileeand I have been enjoying the subculture for quite a few years I already knew lots about it and what it stood for. We were asked to summarise the visual styles, which I would say is ‘confrontation dressing’ using existing t-shirts and vandalising them to fit their anti-establishment agender. They would also would use re-signification by taking safety pins or lavatory chains as jewellery. ‘Breaking the rules’ is a huge part of the punk subculture, using hair dyes to look as abnormal as possible. Vivian Westwood was a huge designer for punk fashion, she was one of the starting designers for the subculture.

Punk had a good relationship with social context at the time, they were coinciding with the feminist movement that was going on. The punks were very much for women having equal rights and to express themselves. Not conforming to traditional norms, redefining the new feminine style. It’s ok to be angry. They wanted to challenge stereotypes.

Sources Used:

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