Design as Activism – Final Updates

Today I was updating my Design as Activism project using suggestions from the last critique we had. In the feedback our peers said that ‘KidzBKidz’ didn’t represent what we were trying to convey in our work. To better adapt what our groups work was about we changed the name to ‘Heroes4Kids’. It doesn’t fully encapsulate what our project is based upon but figuring out a name which suggests both gender and heroic people was challenging for us. We then had to create a new logo that everyone in the group could use. We stil loved the original font so kept this as the logo. Its blocky and comes across as kids building blocks which we felt was most appropriate.

Taking these things in to consideration I needed to update my activity pack. I first changed over the names and logo so everything matched. I then looked back on what I wanted to change about the design. The first thing was getting rid of the sprinkles, they were too heavy for the design and took away the focus. I replaced them with little stars which match the poster, they also represent the new-found name of heroes and looking up to someone. I think they look much better although some interfere with the text sometimes so this would need to be changed next time.

Now that I’ve improved my outcome I’m so much happier with them. I think I could have made more to go into the box and perhaps I could have had some feedback from kids and parents to see if my work was appropriate. It was hard-working in this group we could have defiantly spoken to each other more going through the project and then our work might have come out more similar. Overall, our work fits our target audience and I think it could really motivate kids and parents to get involved. The use of fun colours and characters makes it much more family friendly.

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