The Aesthetic Manifesto – City Symphony Updates

The outcomes I made for our Instagram page were 2 gifs of Eira each where she is glitching in different ways. As a set they match the aesthetic of the Instagram page really well. I’m really happy with how they look, they leave the audience wondering what she’s hiding. Although I want to make them more subtle and the glitches smaller so they look like something may have actually glitched on the screen.

Today we were filming the video, we wanted to use our actual phones because as a group we aren’t great at animation. We then handed the footage to Ben who wanted to edit the pieces together. His first attempt was really good but the pacing was a bit off. We discussed what needed to be changed for instance we loved that he had put the video in a phone to show the context but it was then hard to see the work we’d done. It needed to be easy to see what was happening. We also wanted to speed up the pace to not bore the audience they might lose interest if the video was to long and slow. Ben made the improvements and below is our outcome.

I think we have worked well as a group but defiantly could have been more involved with each other. Our video shows off the earyness of our town which was the basis for our storytelling. It also coincides with the internet personas we had created for each  character making them look like a collection. Things I might chance in the future would be making the video a smoother pace so its easier for the audience to watch. As well thinking about how we could make the plot easier to follow. Someone said they found it a little tricky to follow so this could defiantly be improved with some cleaner editing and better quality pictures.

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