The Aesthetic Manifesto – Eira

Sketchbook Page

Today we were given the next part of our brief which is to create the people who live in our town. We are going to need to consider who are their relatives, what they believe, how they act and phobias. We will need to create a human profile for this person. In our group discussion we decided on university students to base off. This generation cares a lot about their appearance and how they are thought of in their communities which is the moral for our town. We also will show the transition from them out-of-town to in town.

I’ve come up with my human who is a fashionable, distant and un aware teenager. She’s a blogger her outward appearance is everything to her. Her name is Eira, a Welsh name inspired by a Norse goddess meaning snow. Hopefully she will look trendy and forward-looking but actually has no sense of individuality or personality. She will be a living marketing campaign for the town in order to gain more tourist.

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