The Aesthetic Manifesto – Iceburg’s Flag

I have been given the job of making the flag for our idyllic ice town. I first wanted to look into the layouts and colours of famous flags all over the world. First they usually have 1-3 colours on the flag mostly being white and/or the primary colours. I wanted to change this for my flag and continued our colour scheme with different shades of icy blue. Our town surroundings are natural, set in the snow with a stylish population so we kept the colours cool and neutral. Which we think promotes whats beautiful about our town, the landscapes.

Another crucial part of flags is they are very simplistic, this does make them stand out and adds to their iconic nature. I wanted to keep this for our flag. Perhaps having oneSimplifying the Crystal  small illustration piece forefront. We decide that a crystal would be perfect. They are a beautiful piece of nature that are thought after by many. A crystal would be a good symbol for our town to show its beauty in such a simple way.

Crystal Trials

Below are my flag trials that my peers and I saw the most potential in. They follow the icy neutral colour scheme and contain small simplistic graphics. My favourite is the top left, I feel it shows the beautiful nature of the town in a simplistic way. The graphic looks like a crystal or iceberg to show the landscape. I think it looks sophisticated being to simple but I’m just no sure if it is simplistic enough for a flag. I will have to get feedback from my peers to see what they think. Usually the graphics would be big and flat to really stand out which mine are not. One I’m not keen on is the bottom right, I think it looks like it could have been done before. I want our flag to be really unique and stand out again others.

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