Design as Activism – Outcome

Today was our formative assessment on our activism projects. I think the critiques went well although one of the big factors our peers pointed out was the lack of theme and continuity. Which is true, our group had a hard time keeping in contact over the break which made our designs suffer greatly. In the coming weeks we will meet once a week to discuss how the projects going and hopefully it will improve lots.

A major point I want to add is I need to give myself less tasks. Other people in our group had smaller tasks than me and I should have noticed it wasn’t overly fair. Next time we meet I’d like to bring up this issue and hopefully evenly distribute the work load.

In terms of my designs I enjoy the colour scheme but I’m not sure as to whether it’s totally suited to al audiences. I feel as though my love for pink seeped in more that expected and the designs came out more pinkish than intended. The logo was a really quick piece I made to have my designs look more collective. In our group we need to distinguish our logo together. Mine turned out looking rushed and not relevant to the subject, I feel it’s even hard to understand. The bee below is meant to represent the letter B but I don’t think it speaks for the brand and what the activism is about. Overall I want to better my work I feel it doesn’t look professional with messy, unthought out layouts. This project I found very hard, I spent lots of time figuring out placements but I still feel they aren’t as good as they could be. The colours I think could have been better paired, some of the combinations really clash and makes them hard to read. I like the overall style I went with just not how I executed it, so I’m very much looking forward to changing it up and making something I proud of.

My work

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