Design as Activism – Updates

Here is a hopefully quick update as I feel I’ve been away for so long and lots of things have changed in my thinking about this project.

The first items I created were the posters. I wanted them to have a Magical Girl feel and have a strong, confident look from the characters as if they are confident in themselves. I haven’t completely finished with them as you can probably see I need to add their eyes still but I just couldn’t get them right. Also looking at them side by side I can see I need to bring the Baker character down a little to match the other. Aswell I want to brighten up the yellow background to better match the vivid blue. Overall I think they are going well, I think they are portraying what I need them to which is confidence in yourselves. In the designs I did follow the symmetrical layouts as in much Scandinavian design paired with the bright multitude of colours. I think they give of a playful vibe that I hope children would like.

At the top is my original idea for the information leaflet, as I was producing it I didn’t like it and was lacking some passion. So I started to think of other ways I could make it more interactive and also get kids involved. When I was a child I loved to make these ‘Fortune Tellers’ at school. They were fun and easy to make, they carried a sense of childhood with them. ‘Fortune Tellers’ usually can have space for quite a bit of information, so I changed the leaflet concept completely. Now I feel it can bring a sense of nostalgia to parents who might have played with these and also help kids to interact with the message in a fun inclusive way. Hopefully these to aspects will get parents and kids more involved in this activism. I still have a couple small bits to do on this for example better lining some things up and changing some colour choices but so far its going good and on track.

Lastly is something else that gave me motivation in this project, a loved YouTuber ‘Pixielocks’ i.e Jillian Vessey. Her passion for her own style is really inspirational, she always continues to be herself no matter what others say. Pixies style as she once named it ‘Party Kei’ is a Japanese fashion based around party culture, rainbows and ‘kitchy’ things. I thought it quite appropriate to my project and I also love this style myself. So I started used party motifs such as cakes and sprinkles to bring a more excitement to my designs. I think the party aspect is helpful to get kids involved, its colourful and for the adults can remind us of everything we loved as kid .

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