Design as Activism – Scandinavian Design

After mine and Finleys chat about the collective branding we knew we’d be focusing on a Scandinavian look. I did some research and found some iconic characteristics. Above are some design that I thought were interesting. They mostly contain design aspects like bright colours, simplistic illustrations and a geometric essence. A lot of the graphic art has a sense of organised mayhem as like the top left picture. It seems jumbled at first but at closer inspection is cleverly thought out to equal out the negative space around it. Some have a symmetrical page layout which I think looks sophisticated and refined.

Elements that I think link into my project and things I may use are the playful colours. The use of different and sometimes clashing colours stand out again the white backgrounds. It’s this playfulness that I need to reflect in my designs to show that it’s all based upon children and childhood. Design features I enjoy are the symmetrical layouts which bring a sense of order and sensibility. This is really important, it lets the parents know that throughout the fun interactive parts that it is an important issue that needs to be looked at. Overall I just want to portray this playful, fun feeling you can get from these sophisticated designs.

Sources Used:


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