Design as Activism – Second Ideas Critique

Today we had our second group critique on how the project is going. We still weren’t sure on where we were going with the project but now we have a much clearer vision of what we want our outcome to be. Our lecturer helped us to narrow down our message which is reiterating the fluid nature of gender. This helped us to work out that we want our outcomes to be educational and to be a conversation starter. Our target audience will be families with children, hopefully to educate not only the adults but kids also on expressing themselves completely.

We were thinking on outcomes that could spark a conversation between an adult and child, an interactive game came to mind. Something that can be fun and educational to bring the family together. Our lecturer also said we need to delegate a task for each person in the group so that our campaign fits together. First thing we need for a campaign is advertisement which Charlie will be working on, ideally a tv/internet advert to call attention to the issue. We also wanted some education to be implemented in schools where bullying does happen and hopefully it will make kids more aware that your gender doesn’t define you. Betty will be doing this along with an interactive gingerbread person to decorate. We feel its important to involve both the kids and adults in the campaign as this concept which will hopefully spark conversation. To link into this idea I will be creating an interactive box filled with goodies and educational material for both the kids and adults to learn about. Lastly Finley will be sketching out sculptures of inspirational people and creating an app to find them in real life much like the snow dogs campaign in Cardiff which is extremely loved and spoken about. Hopefully with all this we can create a thought-provoking outcome that will spark conversation between kids and adults alike. Most importantly we want to get across our message that kids should be kids and should not be limited to a single gender.

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