Design as Activism – Ideas Critique

Today we had our ideas critique which was super helpful. Our peers really liked our idea they thought it was unique and could have some interesting outcomes. The only concern they had was that it may not be a broad enough subject. They thought maybe we could make the subject bigger for example just have gendered things for children which could include toys aswell as clothing. It would give us a much wider range of things to look at which we agreed with. From this we changed our activism to looking at gender specific items for children as gender specifics all starts as soon as you’re born.

Our peers gave us some things that may be helpful to research and suggested that we divide them up between each member to get as much done as possible. Things they mentioned that would be relevant were looking into gendered products for each gender, un-gendered products and lastly how society reflects back to their audience. I was given the ungendered products which I find interesting already and am excited to start researching.

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