Type Specimen – Updated Outcome

Updated Final Outcome

Contextual Picture

This is my updated Type Specimen poster on Caslon Pro. I really wanted to improve this piece as I didn’t feel confident about it at my first hand in. I felt my first poster looked incomplete and the faded lettering in the back didn’t come out how I had panned. When improving I took great thought in to the critique I previously had to really get the most out of this short project.

The first critique I specifically remember was that my peers thought that the backing lettering wasn’t working with the design and felt it wasn’t necessarily needed. It made the design feel cluttered. Although without this I would have to find another way to fit in every character in the typeface. I decided to balance out the piece by having the characters vertical and opposite the text, this was to create a little more balance in the piece. It meant I could still keep the negative space but kept to the brief. Another thing they had mentioned was to possibly make the text paragraphs a more noticeable weight difference. ‘There isn’t enough different in them to give us a sense of how the typeface works in different sizes and indeed weights.’ I felt like this was an important point as Caslon Pro is used in a multitude of different settings. Now improved you can certainly see a difference in the three texts blocks which gives more interest to the piece also.

Overall I’m really happy with how the improvements turned out and I feel my outcome is much more refined and sophisticated now. The change in colour palette is subtle and contradicts the playful title. I feel as if I’ve changed the perception of Caslon Pro from a rather serious typeface to an exciting fresh one.

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