Pictorial Metaphor – Updated Zine

Here is our updated zine, as you can probably tell its had quite a few changes. The first thing which we thought while producing the zine was that we could have made the sizing smaller to appear more personal. Our zine is now a A6 size, its petit and hand size perfect for flicking thought which suits the concept far better. We wanted to keep our concertina style booklet because we still think it shows that fluid aspect of idea making. To further that idea we have the images overlapping pages and fully making the most of the space. Whereas before the images felt odd and had too much space which made our zine look unfinished. Now it’s a much more together and looks like a finished piece of work. Even though we still have kept the messy nature to our zine we felt that it conveys the messy nature of idea generating. Something else that was pointed out in our critique was that we could of picked a less obvious colour association, which we defiantly agreed with. We settled on using all the colours which shows nicely in our cover. Our reasoning was that ideas are never set to one things and they could portray any emotion much like colour. This is why we kept the colour pallet broad, it also helped to bring each piece together as one. Lastly we were asked to rethink some of our metaphors, which we did. I agreed that we could have taken the ideas further so I created a couple new designs which I’m really happy with. overall I think our zine was considerably improved and I’m so much more proud of the work we’ve accomplished.

Idea Generating

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