Ideological Movement – Production

After my ideas critique I put everything I needed to do into a list, this made it seem so much more manageable. The most important aspect I needed to pin down was the narrative of my short advert. It needed to have a jumpscare within it which you could then laugh about later, which is the premise for my movement. It happens quite often in horror films with false jumpscares, for example the characters hear a loud noise and it turns out to be a cat. The then relief you feel after creates a sense of laughter at yourself. Another good example is this Pewdiepie montage, featured below, where he laughs at the silly situation after as he knows its only a video game. It’s very important that I include this aspect and without it I wouldn’t be for filling the brief.

The narrative is inspired by an iconic drag queen, Divine. Her film Pink Flamingoes is creepy in nature, the mix of humour with her shocking imagery is something I need to convey in my own work. One scene in particular stands out to me, Egg Paranoia which features Divine reassuring Edie about eggs. It’s an odd concept for an older women to be sitting in a cot worrying that they might run out of eggs, it’s why the scene is so spooky. From this research I then created my storyboards so I could start creating. Mine features a girl who is crazy about eggs similar to Egg Paranoia although mine will be based along my creepy ascetic and will fit in well with my movement.

When creating the characters I looked back at the image bank I made previously. Some sketched drawing took my eye, they were portraits of people with monster like qualities. I thought that if I used a little girl character like those it would convey my message well. This is because young girls are often considered a horror character but in reality are innocent girls who most likely couldn’t actually harm an adult. The connotation is quite thought-provoking that we could be afraid of something that in reality we weren’t afraid of.


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