Ideological Movement – Outcome

My thoughts

Overall I am quite proud of what I have completed in this project. I wasn’t familiar with After Effects and it all had to be done in a short time. Working with this programme was the most difficult thing about this project but I’m pleased with how everything came out. When handing this piece in for my summative assessment I am defiantly going to work more on the jumpscare as I found that not many people jumped at it. This needed to be scary and have shock factor so really needs to be improved. The lead up to it however I think worked really well, it is transfixing to watch and sets your eyes up for whats next. Maybe making the jumpscare image zoomed in a little more or even adding moving aspects to it could help to make it more jumpy. I think I will certainly get opinions on this next time.

Some important feedback I received was that the message needs to be more explicit and wasn’t completely obvious what the movement was about. This is something big I need to change, I really need to get across the message in this short clip. It might be that the eggs are to forefront in the video that they overpower the message. To improve this I could play around more with the voiceover to make it more explicit. Creating a new script might help to get the idea across in a better way.




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