Ideological Movement – Story Boarding & Critique

My Ideas and Storyboarding

Before our critique today I gathered my thoughts on the project and attempted to story board. The storyboarding was quite hard, I found myself stuck for ideas so I was glad to have my group critique today. My peers said that they liked my concept and that it had the potential to be really intriguing and unique. They mentioned that my idea for the initial jumpscare was clever and gave context to my ideology. To have impact with the scare there needs to be something to focus on before hand to grab their attention. I was thinking a spinning swirl which would have focus on the centre of the screen so when the person pops up they are looking straight at them. My peers also asked if I was going to have a narrative behind the advert. Initially I thought yes but then was stuck for ideas, I do know that I need to make my ideology curious for the audience to take note. Somethings I want to do coming out of my critique is do some more research to have a better idea on what I want to produce. Storyboarding some more ideas and then I need to go straight in to producing, the project is nearly at an end so I need to speed up a little.

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