Ideological Movement – Research

This is the start of my research but I will obviously continue to learn and collect information as the project develops. The first thing I wanted to look into was how others had made kinetic typography videos, either in a music video or for communicating information. These three bellow I found interesting to watch and I have taken some of the ideas to influence my work. For instance I think it is really clever how in the first video they use a wide range of type to portray the difference in what the works mean. Something else I’d love to include in my own piece is how fast pace it runs but still putting out a lot of important information. I think this is helped by their use of small associated images mixed with the typography to quickly convey what they are trying to say. This is something I’ll need to do because the task is to create a short advert and must still keep the audience interested. Whereas in the Maroon 5 lyric video they use a lot of different weights and styles of the typefaces to show different meaning, also a really clever, subtle way of telling the story. Lastly their use of cutting or morphing the text is really intriguing. Making a thin line between type and the image is quite thought-provoking and would hopefully make the audience stop to work out what it is trying to say.

After this I thought it important to look into where I might put my advert. I needed to grab the attention of the audience who might be interested. I looked into both YouTube and Instagrams demographics, mainly because they both have a strong internet following and can be quite ‘meme’ based. This meaning the audience would recognise and relate to my new ideology. My outcome was to go with an Instagram based advert. The reasoning being that YouTube’s top genres for videos are gaming and beauty which don’t completely coincide with my ideology. Whereas Instagram has 90% of their users under the age of 35, this young audience would be more likely to subscribe to an idea based upon a meme. Another reason was that the alternative subculture on Instagram is far greater than on YouTube. My idea being quite ‘different’ would be better received on a more open-minded platform such as Instagram.

Also in my research I have created an image bank of what themes, images and type I might want in my final piece. Considering my ideology is ‘spoopism’ I wanted to keep it very digital looking to reflect where it stemmed from. Using a cute but creepy character as the face of this movement might make it more approachable and interesting to the audience. I was thinking a pumpkin headed girl. She may come across creepy but on the inside she’s ditsy and silly which will link in to both sides of the believe. My image bank consists of illustrations of creepy girls, cute Halloween characters and random creepy cute things to inspire the aesthetics side to this project. The corresponding typefaces I’ve looked into are mostly modern with a horror style twist to really reflect the view of this new movement.

An artist that has not only influenced this project hugely but my entire outlook on art is a lady called Saccstry. She is not a very public figure but her work has inspired my own for years. Saccstry’s contradicting art mixes these cute innocent looking girls with gore and horror. The effect can sometimes be comical which is why I think her work could be considered spoopy. Something she does that also shows this creepy cute side is her use of colour. She mostly uses pastels which give this baby like feel, mixed with the injuries is not something you would expect. In essence her work is breathtaking and I hope to show this side of thinking in my own video.

I like to draw creepy-cute girls with a touch of surrealism’ 

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