Do Spacecrafts Imagine?

The focus for today constellation class was looking at how technology can interact with imagination. Asking the question; what is the technical imaginary of a spacecraft? I found this quite relevant to the question as I’ll have to look into an imaginary spacecraft. The question I chose was to pick a spacecraft from fiction and write an ethnography of the day-to-day life of its crew. Comparing these finding with ones from Comet Catcher. The spacecraft I have picked is very different to how Comet Catchers works.

I’m using a spacecraft called The Arc run by Havilland Tuf, a solitary space trader who has a great love for cats. This character is from a book called Tuf Voyaging by George Martin. It is a fascinating look at how he runs his ships and how he wants to better himself everyday. I thought it was a very different look into a spacecraft compared to Comet Catchers so would make for an in-depth essay.

I have started to look into Tufs customs, habits and mutual differences which are relevant for an ethnographical look at his life. Some basics are that he is a vegetarian with a love for animals. He clones his cats for his benefit, having sonic abilities helps Tuf  read people’s minds. It is a big part of his day, looking after and creating more cats. Tuf also spends most of his time learning and bettering himself something he shares with the premise of Comet Catchers. I am going to compare the two much more in the coming days and hopefully will start the basis for my argument.

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