Matter of Movement

My 3 Frame Animation

‘Movement can express an emotion, a mood or an inner most thought… as designers it is essential to understand how, what and why movement communicates to the audience.’  

In this small project we were looking at how sensory and symbolic qualities can be reflected in moving images. We were tasked in acting out our letter, mine a Q, which we would then have to turn into a gif later on. To me a Q represents elegance and grace. The circle, flowing motion of a Q’s bowl is reminiscent of a cascading motion, almost waterfall like. This motion reminded me of the rhythmic gymnastics style of ribbon twirling. Flying though the air in such grace and poise. As this typeface, beauty, was almost ribbon like I wanted to show that in the Q’s motion. I think with the delicate pink background it gives the Q a sense of sophistication which the letter represents. The end result being a graceful cascading letterform. If I had more time to do this project I would have liked to spent more time on each frame. Possibly morphing it into a ribbon shape and unravelling the Q in a subtler way. For example adding in more frames so it would look more seamless as a moving image.

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