Creative Thinking…

In today’s session we were looking at 13 different creative thinking techniques. Some I already had knowledge on where others were completely new to me; so learning about them was really exciting. One that really stood out to me was being able to think laterally. The example was really thought-provoking:

Name an ancient invention that allows you to see through walls? The answer, windows!

The premise of this technique is to think of problems solving with an indirect approach. Using reasoning that is not immediately obvious to you. I plan on using this technique in my up and coming project and hopefully continuing after that.

Our group was tasked with the idea of mind mapping, which is basically a non formal approach to writing down ideas usually using branches of hierarchy. In our presentation we talked about all the important facts about this widely used technique. Although if given a little more time I would have loved to make the Powerpoint more visually stimulating rather than just paragraphs on a page. Perhaps using a bold text and colours to highlight important aspects. Even adding in a little video or pictures of relevant mind maps could have given our presentation something more to inspire. Overall we did give out accurate and relevant information in the time we were given. Hopefully soon I can go back to make the presentation more visually stimulating for the audience.

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