Pictorial Metaphor – Experimentation

Over the weekend we were asked to start experimenting with a range of media and materials continuing on from our trials. I did some research into a few artists who used the same techniques I wanted to use. One of the most influential was Sergei Svatchenko who I’d spoken about in my previous Pictorial Metaphor blog. His pieces are very dreamlike and conveys a lot of emotion through his use of colourful backgrounds. I was inspired by his Less2 collection, the digital collages surrounded in negative space gives the pieces space to breath. I tried to imitate this in my digital collage pieces which I think turned out quite successful in representing my idea. Another artist I was really intrigued by is a Miami linocut artist called Brian Reedy. His style in influenced by comic book and cartoon characters which he mixes with this very traditional illustration technique. The juxtaposition between the new and old gives a unique twist which I wanted to take and use it in my own work. My linocuts turned out engaging, they have this dark gothic quality with the rough splatters. Although I love the look I’m not sure it conveys the theme. Idea is a very bright, exciting thought which connotes colours such as yellow and orange which are bright and hopeful.

The three trials I would like to bring forward to the zine are the digital collage pieces and the linoprint. Both of these are stand out samples to me, they subtly convey the word idea showing the contradicting sides of the brain working together. This with the bright yellow background on the collages brings forth that feeling of vivid idea making, inspired by Sviatchenko. The linocut on the other hand still conveys the idea but without using obvious colours, it’s more of a subtle approach which I think is more thought provoking.

One which wasn’t succesful was my monoprint, as a piece its pretty but it does not represent idea. The thin fluffy lines gives a sense of ‘unsurness’ and nervousness which I the opposite to creative idea making. Next time I wouldn’t use this technique and look more into collages by hand as the digital ones were so succesful. It would be interesting if I could make some different metaphors with this technique.

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