Pictorial Metaphor – Colour

Today we worked on colour. A really lovely quote I was told was by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette a french novelist. She had said that ‘There are connoisseurs of blue as there are connoisseurs of wine’. It really rang true to me, colour is such an important aspect of design, it can change a pieces meaning very easily. Which is why it’s so important to consider while designing for a meaning like our project.

A designer who uses colour in a really expressive way is Sergei Sviatchenko, a Ukraine contemporary artists. He explains the way he works in a beautiful way.

‘My works explore everyday objects with the use of photography and collage elements, which are turned into scarp contoured, sculptural expressions. The precise and clean-cut composition of colour and shape suggests, in a poetic, consistent language, that the fragmentation of contemporary, nomadic, globalised life does not drain it of meaning. The works show the process of navigating through the rapid flow of visual impressions that the contemporary consumer is constantly confronted with.’

Sviatchenko’s takes influences from ‘modernism, surrealism and rock music’ which creates these dreamlike compositions. The block colour backgrounds overshadows the tone of the pieces. For instance the pastel blue piece above give a mellow, sophisticated feeling. It’s a clever way of influencing a piece with emotion.

Our task today was to think of a memory relating to our theme, mine idea. I found it quite hard at first because I’d never had a memorial epiphany before. I thought back to my GCSE’s graphics project, sitting on my parents apricot sofa in the conservatory. The warmth of the summer beaming though the windows when I finally knew what I wanted to make for my final project. I felt so positive about going back to school at that point, it was a happy moment. The three colours that remind me of that time were: orange, red and yellow. Summery and bright. I then took multiple swatches from these colours in different mediums. One that I favoured was the acrylic paint, its extremely pigmented and eye-catching. An idea sticks out in your head much like this paint from off the paper.

Sources used:

  • http://www.sviatchenko.dk (accessed 25th Oct)
  • Sergei Sviatchenko – Collages. Sergei Sviatchenko 1952- artist. Rick Poynor editor. Wien : Schlebrügge Editor 2014 (accessed 25th Oct)


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