Metaphorical Poetry

Your Idea of Embracing Horror

By A. F. Moritz

 Your idea of embracing horror
was overwhelmed by the horror:

in the mild
milkiness of the afternoon, on the bluff
that commands a vision of bank towers
knifing up far higher than the rising, empty
shell of the moon … on the height where you stand
and still can’t understand your life
as anything but slow dying, your time seeps out
as into a warm bath, the way the exemplary career
of Petronius the Just—pornographer and satirist-
once leaked away.

Today we were set a small task to analyse some of the metaphors in a piece of poetry. I chose to look at this piece by A. F. Moritz. It’s a beautiful poem and invokes my love for horror and the spooky.

Moritz uses such alluring language. She creates images of towers and rising moons in a cool surrounding. Much like a scene from Dracula. We see a warm bath sitting solitary perhaps filled with blood from a victim. It conjures beautiful cream colours with accents of grey and burgundy. Everything has an undertone of grey to mimic the dark horror influence. Moritz explores the term idea by looking in to this genre and how your idea of something may not actually be what you thought. In horror this comes up very frequently, things turning out not how they seem. Although it’s the viewers initial ideas that can be wrong. Not all ideas are the right ideas.

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