Type Specimen – Outcome

After my critique I had to gather all the information I was given as I had so many thoughts about the project at the point. I listed some things I needed to change including; considering hierarchy, changing how the typeface is viewed and playing with point sizes.

These were my initial trials after my critique. I still didn’t feel like I was using the hierarchy to my best ability. On trials 5 and 6 the title needed to be more pronounced to celebrate not only the typeface but the name too. The date needed to have a lower opacity also to not distract too much from the name, it’s an important feature but not as important as the name itself. I added the contextual piece up the side which was pointed out in my critique and continued to use the experimental type only using it as a background now instead an image, which is breaking the rules. This time I played with them more showing different sizes to show how well the typeface can be used for both headlines and also body text. It’s also shown with the body text which is in 3 different sizes and numbered above, keeping it informative. By keeping this in the background it shows the elegant curves of the font but is a subtle touch. It gives a wallpaper effect and gives the poster depth with I think makes it more individual to what I’ve seen so far. This is why I kept the base designs but played with the hierarchy more for the final piece.

I  feel content with my outcome, by changing the title size to be larger than the text there is no doubt about where your eyes go to first. Continuing the playful aliment of the name was to bring a new association to the typeface, usually its seen as formal fonts but I wanted to turn that on its head. Caslon Pro is so versatile and easily read it’s one of my favourites which is why I wanted to celebrate all those beautiful features that took such talent for Caslon to create.

The feedback I gained from my peers and lecturers was extremely helpful. I need to adjust a couple of things first before I can submit my poster for marking. One thing my lecturer pointed out which I agree with is that I didn’t need to use 3 different tones on the block text. My poster already has the background and date shades so changing it to one colour for all the paragraphs would make much more sense and make my design more collective. Another thing pointed out was that I don’t need to have such a busy background. In the brief I have to include every character but I may experiment with incorporating it another way. For example not have the lettering too near the bottom and keeping it contained. I would still like to continue the playful method but I may have to think of having it in a less distracting way. Lastly a small thing I needed to look at is the spacing between the text boxes and the rivers in my first paragraph, they are quite large. Both of these making it look unprofessional. I need to look more into the little details to really improve myself and my work. Overall I’m happy with how it came out and I feel it gives a more playful side to a ‘traditional’ typeface.

Final OutcomeContextual Picture

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