20 Questions to Ask an Object

For my reading task in my second constellation lesson we had to answer 20 questions on an object of our choosing, then write a paragraph on the answers. This is my outcome:

My object is a portable piece of history. Consequently only in grayscale and features a quite content looking lady in a beautiful black dress. When touched it feels soft and dirty as if it’s been wore down by human hands. The smell matches its feel with an earthy, dusty scent quite comforting for me. So thank you H. H. Dudley for your beautiful photography and thank you ‘Auntie Evie’ for wanting to capture the past. My item was probably made in a small factory or printing press somewhere in Worcester. After kept by loving family members, who kept this postcard sized piece of card sacred for decades. Loved and cherished by her family, loved and cherished by me. Stored away in my collection of old photographs, all giving me a sense of happiness and wonder when I look upon them. She holds so much history, so many secrets and i’m so curious to find out what. Who are you ‘Auntie Evie’? and what could you tell me? I imagine something considering class. She must have been fairly upper class so own a dress such as hers and the beautiful furniture around her. It was custom to take portraits in times before, much like we do now although back then it actually meant something. You weren’t taking a picture to show your friends how drunk you were last night, you’d take pictures to send as gifts to loved ones far away or to remember a significant events. A time when objects like this meant something. Now where are they? Just discarded to the charity shops where I find them. Each one distinct and each one adored holding so much personal value to me. My photograph of ‘Auntie Evie’.

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