Type Specimen – Trials and Critique

After reflecting on my previous research, I knew I wanted to take the similar light feel to the posters. Meaning I wanted to use the surrounding negative space around to benefit the typeface rather than take away from it. Bellow are some initial sketches I made about the layouts and grid systems I knew I wanted to use. Some have up to 16 columns which I though would give me plenty of space to play around but still have lots of detail within. I had lots of ideas and came out with a couple different trials.

My thoughts are that my trials are a good start but definitely need to be played with more. I used the black because I think it makes the typeface standout and works well with the shapes it creates. The purpose of this brief is to celebrate the font so I want to show it off as much as possible but still give plenty of detail and having an aesthetically pleasing poster. These trials I have I’m not completely happy with personally, I want my posters to stand out from others and be individual. Doing more research I thought would help to find a more creative approach in creating my poster and to have different inspirations from my peers.

A great passion in my life is horror films and I love looking at recreation posters for anniversaries, you can get some extremely distinct posters from so many talented artists. I found these two above really thought-provoking. One thing they have is very little colour and still have so much depth to the pieces, this is something I need to incorporate into my own designs as they have to be black and white only. Something else I’ve taken inspiration from is there use of balance to their layouts. Both having big pieces of imagery but still the eye goes to the title first. They have such a good use of how the viewers eyes should follow the page. I think I have learned from this, these more recent posters I’ve made have a much bigger emphasis on the titles rather that the body text.

The critiques I received from my peers and tutor I found really helpful. Some important things they brought up were that I need to collect all my ideas together and focus on one design. They enjoyed the experimental letters from my 4th trial, I think I could mix that with a layout like my 1st trial to create something different but informative. I want to change-up the point size of the letters more also to show that the typeface can be used in all sorts of settings from big headers to body text. My peers also mentioned that I should consider the hierarchy of my element with my first 3 designs, by making the title font lighter it will stand out more making it easier for the viewer to follow the poster. They also pointed out that I have forgotten to add my contextual piece, Les Miserable for my typeface. Lastly I want to really play with the balance of the space and take inspiration from the asymmetrical poster layouts I’ve previously looked at. From now I’m going to collect my thoughts and then work on my layouts to really celebrate Caslon Pro.

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