Comet Catcher

Today I had my first constellation lecture, the first module I have is called My Life as a Spacecraft. In our lesson we were told that over the next coming weeks we would explore these 5 subjects: experience, science, culture, technology and imagination.

In our first task we looked at the culture and science behind everyday objects, asking ourselves questions that we wouldn’t usually ask. For example how scientifically is this everyday item made or what cultural value does it have. Usually we pass by everyday objects without a second thought but if we delve deeper into their function we can take that and learn more about our own practices. This course will help me by using space history to cast light on our popular culture and how is affects our ideologies, in turn will be important when getting into a very current and artistic environment.

Our reading task for the last lesson was watching Comet Catcher, a program about the Rosetta space mission. The documentary was really interesting and I learned about how scientist tried to land a spacecraft on a moving commit, but also breaking expectations at the same time. This all wouldn’t happen with out the humans need for information. We thrive on learning more and it is really interesting to see how far our need can push us.

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