Six Word Stories

This short project extended off from our hybography word play trials, meaning we had to use the methods we were taught to help us complete this brief. Roughly the brief was to create an A3 black and white typographic poster using hybrids lettering. We had to convey a story within 6 words and the way in which we composed them. I chose the Strange Case of Dr. Jakyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Stevenson, a story I’d been fascinated with since childhood for its unusual characters and creepy subtext.

My starting point was to show an obvious split representing both Jekyll and Hyde, his good and evil sides. This was easily shown by the use of a black and white split background, this seen as the separation between good and evil. After I looked at picking appropriate typefaces, I knew I wanted older looking styles to reflect the heritage of the book. I chose Jamscript for my sans-serif font and Mix Serif for my serif font. Jamscript is thin and spindly meant to represent the devilish snake from the garden of eden. Where I chose Mix Serif to contradict that and to feel comforting or reliable as he is a Doctor. The two fonts in themselves show the split personalities of Dr. Jakyll but I wanted to keep adding to the hidden context to really see how much I could include but still keeping the work subtle. Subtle like Dr. Hyde was before he was discovered to be a murderous mad man.

A few more things I included to communicate the story was using the hybrid lettering. I split the two fonts equally in half to show the even split between the two through the majority of the book. The word submit however is in reference to his unruly other half which couldn’t be tamed. Its written fully in the devilish font and in a dark grey. This is subtle to the viewer but when looking up close you can read it fully. I did this to show how he always gives in to his dark thoughts eventually. Lurking in the darkness even when his morals tell him otherwise. You could also interpret it as he’s hiding from himself and once his associates finally get up close to him they really see the true Dr. Jakyll.    

On final reflections I think I did communicate the story within the poster. Although if it were a real book poster I would have wanted it to stand out more. Enlarging the rest of the font could have done this and have been more visible for passing consumers. Considering that I still think I made it subtle and thought-provoking which is what I like to do in my work. Communicating with the audience is really important in the world of graphic design. This short project was really helpful in building those skills and I took time in thinking of every subtle way I could involve the story line. For example carefully choosing the font to suit both personalities or even using the shades to help communicate my ideas. After this project I’m really excited for more thoughtful projects to build on my communication skills.

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