Constellation: Initial Thoughts

On arriving at the first constellation lecture I was very optimistic and still unsure what it was going to consist of. Now that I have an understanding on how the year is going to plan out I am really excited to have new views on thought-provoking subjects. Although I’m not confident on the writing aspect I’m going to try to get further help with my essay structuring.

I had been reading about the benefits of the topics for a couple of days now, so when I chose my options I felt really confident that they would not only interest me but benefit me too. Two that I felt really passionate about were Myth Making in Art and Design and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Myth Making had some really interesting points on advertisement, wanting to venture into this industry I  thought it would be quite relevant. The topic overview also brings up a curious thought that when designing you are putting out your clients view on how the world should be understood. On the other hand Smells like team spirit really stood out to me because it debated on subjects like gender, sexuality and race. These all are extremely relevant and pressing issues at the moment. In the working world I hope to create pieces that say something about important issues, even if they are not spoken about often. I think this subject would really develop my analytical thoughts and benefit me greatly.


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