Summer Project

My first project from my Graphic Communication degree course i found very intriguing, set in the summer holidays i was excited to have a project to think about. I had to answer these three questions; who are you inspired by?, what is an interesting fact about you? and why you chose to study at Cardiff Met. I love creating pieces of art that conveys a message, even if it’s not obvious at first glance. My inspiration was digital artist Saccsrty, she creates pastel surreal scenes involving girls. This is my personal style and shows with my palate choices and imagery. This including body modification which i have a real passion for. I love the way we can change our bodies to more fit how we feel on the outside. The last question, why i chose Cardiff met, was answered by my overall pieces. My art style is different and personal so i wanted to work in an environment i felt comfortable expressing my thoughts. Cardiff feels like home and i feel i can share my art without feeling distressed.

illuminated letterform

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