Ive’s Type

An exercise we completed yesterday was a Norman Ives inspired task, we had to make our own version of his isolated typeface art pieces. His work is very thoughtful and helps you to appreciate the detail in the creation of font. Seeing the confined type in square forms makes it simpler to examine the letterforms in detail. It also poses the question of how far can you adapt a letter for it to still be recognisable. After I completed my first 4 squares, i stood back and could still recognise the letter. Once home i decided to try again and see how far i could push the letters to instead look like a piece of abstract art rather that type. My second attempt i really like, the colour palette suits the romantic nature of a letter ‘f’ and is now unrecognisable. This exercise was really mind-altering, i now look at type in such a different way. They are little pieces of art not just an everyday typeface.


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